Jose Rodriguez has written a book "Hard Measures"... which I will likely read.

"Jose Rodriguez guided some of the CIA's greatest counterterror victories, and his story is one of courage, commitment, and decisiveness.  In this book, he provides concrete details about the value of the Agency's interrogation program of terrorists -- a program which thwarted terrorist attacks and has made America safer." -- General Michael V. Hayden, USAF (Ret.) Former Director of Central Intelligence

In 'Hard Measures,' former CIA official Jose Rodriquez defends waterboarding

Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes interviews Rodriguez.

I didn't watch 60 Minutes when Leslie Stahl interviewed former CIA interrogater about Water-Boarding. But I did hear Rush Limbaugh comment and laugh about the sound-bite with Stahl and Rodriguez. After hearing it, I smirked. Whatever they call it, its necessary at times.

Revisiting Jose Rodriguez and Lesley Stahl 

RODRIGUEZ: Yes. Dietary manipulation was part of these dire techniques.

STAHL: So sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation, I mean, this is Orwellian stuff. The United States doesn't do that.

RODRIGUEZ: Well, we do.

Jose Rodriguez (CIA)

Jose Rodriguez, former Director of the CIA National Clandestine Service with National Interest Security Company



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